Meeting senior Chuck Toftoy is an experience…you don’t know what to talk about first!  He has been there…done that…and got the t-shirt. The t-shirt he is wearing today at the Pickleball court is from the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO). This year, 2017, marks the 35th presentation of the NVSO scheduled for September 9-20. Chuck Toftoy is an enthusiastic committee member and an athlete.  “I know some people see old folks as frail or weak or finished. Come out to The Games, my friend!”

NVSO, is a multi-sport annual event for participants 50 years or better.  Each state hosts its own regional games—usually during their best weather -- with competitors meeting every two years in the National Senior Olympics. NVSO is an all-volunteer effort started by a handful of women and men who believed in living healthy longer.

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Arlington — What’s next for professor sleuth Lars Neilsen and Alpha Team after solving the murders of four local university co-eds in “It’s In The Eyes?”

In “Eyes of Cold Case Killers,” Neilsen and the Alpha Team pursue a cold case serial killer named Taurus over four jurisdictions (Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria) in Northern Virginia.

Arlington resident Dr. Charles N. Toftoy just published his second book, “Eyes of Cold Case Killers”, a sequel to his first thriller/mystery “It’s In The Eyes” from December 2011.

“With this killer sort of haunting the D.C. Metro area, it will remind people of the whole post 9/11, anthrax and snipers scares when the whole community was walking on eggshells. So it’s sort of fascinating from that standpoint,” he said.

Toftoy said the public outcry for solving cold cases and his admiration for the cold case detectives motivated him to write the second book.

During his research Toftoy learned about the forensic strategies and techniques used to solve cold cases.

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