My books were done my Cindy Bauer.

She spent a lot of work and long hours.


She did a good job of what you now see.

She does a great job for people like me.


I'd recommend her to you to assist your need.

She puts thoughtfulness into a good deed.


Perhaps she can help you write a book today?

"She does a great job," is what you'll say!

Jim Pemberton

Cindy is a real artistic creator of promoting authors, and I for one am very pleased with the way she promoted both our books.

I highly recommend her, Authors Express Promotion, to spotlight any author who wants to be out in the public's eye. She has sent me over readers who have purchased my books and that is outside the service I hired her to do.

Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi


I asked Cindy to create three Kindle books for me, after having struggled to turn my paperbacks into e-Books myself. For me, the job was impossible as my books were full of tables, graphs and pictures, as well as complex fonts sizes and all sorts of other complications. Cindy worked night and day to turn the seemingly impossible into the possible, and my books are now ready to put onto Kindle.

As an Australian writer, all this has been done from half a world away. Cindy gave me regular updates on her progress, and whenever there was a question or problem, she was always happy to correct, alter or modify anything that I requested. As another author said, I don't know when she finds the time to sleep - she is such a hard worker.

My books were so difficult to turn into e-Books that Cindy had to use lateral thinking and her own creative ability to solve the problems that my books constantly presented. I also asked Cindy to put my books onto her website, and without telling her anything about my books, she tracked them all down and placed them onto my page (Kathi Wyldeck) - what a time-saver for me. Cindy made it all so easy. I would recommend Cindy Bauer to every author for all of the many services she provides to help writers to promote their books. Many thanks, Cindy. You're great!

Kathi Wyldeck


Cindy Bauer did the editing, cover design, formatting and interior design for my book, "Eyes of Cold Case Killer". It won three national awards: Best Book Cover, Best Book Trailer and Best Mystery Book of 2011, mainly due to her incredible efforts.

Cindy is a natural at book covers, book trailers, book formatting, and e-book formatting. She can hook you up to Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

Her creativity and technical skills are top notch. Cindy targets your audience, gives you real author exposure, puts links on your website, and really puts you in a good position with on-line exposure.

I call her 'Wonder-Woman' because her work efforts are incredible, non-stop, with follow through and mutual trust. It is so easy to work with her because Cindy is easy to get along with, and her quick response is the best ever. Whether it's by email or telephone you can tell that Cindy cares about you. And she is very reasonable.

Recently she started an Authors Express Promotion which everyone should sign up for...because of the increased exposure. Cindy is assisting me now with my third book,"Amazing Fireside Talks... Intriguing Thoughts To Awaken You". She is doing the front and back cover, formatting, and editing. It gives me a genuine safe feeling of confidence by having her assisting me through the various stages.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Cindy Bauer. It took me nine months of research to find someone like her. I'll never let go of her...I assure you of that.


Dr. Charles N. Toftoy

"I found Cindy to be highly professional with skills extending from technical design to creative marketing understanding. Cindy's top qualities range from personable, punctuality and most importantly “veracity.” The work conducted for me included setting up my memoir as an e-book with Amazon (Kindle) and Chapters/Indigo (Kobo). She meets the needs of her clients with careful attention to detail, ensuring her client is 100% satisfied."

"In addition, Cindy offered full customer support and follow-up once the project was completed. If I encountered a problematic situation, Cindy was on board without hesitation and would go that extra mile."

"On a personal note, Cindy's upbeat demeanor and "can do attitude" left me confident that my needs and expectations would be met. Cindy has been gifted with strong people skills which will enable her to interface very effectively with both her personal and business clients."

I highly recommend Cindy and look forward to working with her again in the future!

Alexandra Tesluk


Cindy formatted and submitted my book "How Can I Keep From Singing" for both Amazon and Kindle. She did a wonderful job and I was very happy with it.

Then she created a book trailer for me which won the award of "Best Trailer" for January 2013. Cindy is very easy to work with, personable yet professional. I will work with Cindy on my next book.

Kittie Preas Koukalik            


Cindy Bauer created a video for me at a reasonable price, and it is one I'm pleased with. I've received compliments on it.

Shirley Martin


Cindy is professional, patient and eager to please. Even when my requests were “different” and difficult, she never lost her cool. She’s affordable and easy to work with.

Othello Bach


I've had two wonderful book trailers made by Cindy. Both of them are truly great. Jeffrey I think I like the best, but What Happened to Anna? really tells the story also. I recommend Cindy Bauer for the best book trailers you will ever find anywhere.  She's good.


Jennifer Robins


I have written two novels and Cindy Bauer was on board with both. My books turned out excellent and I am so pleased with the work she did. My books still sell and I owe her for that. Cindy is such a hard worker and I really do not know when she sleeps. She is so talented in so many areas of editing, networking, and publishing that anyone using her will find quickly she is a huge bucket of great tools that writers just do not have.


I recommend anyone needing help in literary work to contact her. She is easy to talk to, she will listen, and she will recommend and work with you to constructively shape your book into a REAL book. Trust me!


Stephen Cheek


As an author of 12 published works, most of which were written for children and truly a delight for readers ages three through 10, Cindy was at my side. In all of my published works, Cindy Bauer has edited and worked with me on each one tirelessly. Cindy does very good work with books and helps her customers in every way possible and at reasonable prices for her work.


If you want help in getting the publishing started, Cindy’s the one!

V. K. Sansone


The trailer that Cindy created for "Respot the Pin" was absolutely awesome. It has a professional feel, it followed the story line to a "T", and gives the reader the sense that "I've got to read this book". Cindy was always on top of things, always communicated frequently so you knew where things were in the process. Now I'm going to have Cindy do the trailer for "Victor's Gambit".


Timothy A. Sawyer


I've received so many compliments about the trailer, thanks to you.

Sydell Voeller




Crystal Clear is a story wrought with mystery, intrigue, plenty of suspense, and sweet romance. You won't want to miss this final installment in the Memory Box Trilogy. And keep your eyes on Cindy Bauer. She is a fine author who knows how to weave a wonderful story and balance it with biblical truths that will inspire and challenge the reader. The Memory Box Trilogy belongs on every reader's bookshelf.


Sharlene MacLaren, Author


*Through Every Storm
*Long Journey Home
*The Little Hickman Creek Series
*The Daughters of Jacob Kane Series 

Whitaker House Publishing

Jim Pemberton

V. K. Sansone
Timothy A. Sawyer