Othello is a best selling multi-genre author of numerous books which range in scope and variety from suspense novels, children's books, spiritual books, to non-fiction "How-to" books. Her memoir "Cry into the Wind," chronicles an abusive childhood, including 11 years in an orphanage.

Although a non-reader until the eighth grade, she wrote and sold her first novel to Avon Books when she was 24.

Othello often composes music and lyrics to accompany her children's stories, and celebrities Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes and Sandy Duncan have recorded her books and songs.

She is a motivational speaker who loves to share "the tools" that helped her overcome an abusive past.


“Othello Bach is a force. And this book proves it.” -- Joel Grey

“Cry into the Wind” is a page-turner from beginning to end. It is a compelling story of survival and an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit and raw determination -- Dave Pelzer, author of “A Child Called It.”

“As illustrator of four of Othello’s books, I’m sure that her hilariously inventive take on life must have helped her overcome many obstacles.” -- Sandy Huffaker, nationally syndicated political cartoonist, fine artist and illustrator.

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I grew up in a Group Home with 200 other kids, and many surrogate moms. We called them “matrons,” and the Home was called an orphanage. I vividly remember the day we were driven to another state to be placed there. I was 7, and my two younger sisters were 5 and 3. We were huddled together on the back seat, terrified and crying. We knew we were about to be “put somewhere” that we didn’t want to go. We wanted to stay with our father and older brothers. Our mother had burned to death in a house fire. “No, no, no!” I screamed silently in my mind because our father had told us to stop crying and complaining. “Please don’t do this! Please don’t!” I prayed. “God, don’t make us go! Make Daddy want to keep us! Please!” But it happened anyway. Then, when I was 35, and had two sons of my own, one of my brothers committed suicide. His wife “lost it” and abandoned their children—a son, 7, and a daughter, 3, so I became their surrogate and legal guardian. Having been exposed to both sides of “the system,” I have a perspective that may benefit those who are raising someone else’s children, and those who are currently considering becoming a foster parent, Group Home house-parent, or are planning to adopt.



Cry into the Wind is a spellbinding story of triumph over incredible tragedy, and an inspirational guide for those struggling to overcome the effects of abuse. Abject poverty, a house fire that claimed her mother’s life, the loneliness of an orphanage where she was separated from her siblings… and so much more … yet nothing was able to break Othello Bach’s spirit.

She couldn’t read until the eighth grade, yet sold her first novel to Avon Books at the age of 27. She is the author off 17 published books and has 35 recorded songs by Broadway, TV, and Hollywood stars Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, and Sandy Duncan.



If you haven't heard of a fird, part fish, part bird, you don't know that he's looking for a herd of fird. He wants to find out if he's "firding" right. You see, Fird was raised by a nest of Dicken's, part dog, part chickens, but they've never heard of a fird, and they don't know if he's "firding" right. So Fird sets out to find a herd of Fird.

Along the way, he meets many two-feature creatures, whimsical animals like shamels–part sheep, part camels, and bertles–part bears, part turtles. But no one has heard of a herd of fird. While Fird has no luck finding a herd of fird, he discovers something far more important. He learns that he can be whatever her wants to be, without looking anywhere outside of himself.

Shann Hurst's beautiful illustrations will delight young readers, and Ms. Bach's entertaining story conveys a powerful moral in a fresh and amusing way.

Frickart is the only frog at Friendly Pond, and he doesn’t know he’s different. All he wants is another frog at the pond so he can have a frog friend. Then one day, new frogs arrive, but they don’t like Frickart… because he’s different.
Albert wants to meet a monster so that he can scare it away. He thinks that will make him feel big and strong. But when he does meet a monster, it’s wearing earrings! And crying!

Yes, the monster creates problems for Albert, but not the kind of problems he can scare away.

Wonderful and funny things may be happening in your room while you are fast asleep! See what happens in one kid's room during the night.
The man with big ears had no reasons for tears. The older he got, the more he heard, he could hear feathers grow on a bird.

Related in rhyme how Jake the snake manages to win a race.

A rhyming tale describing the after effects of an old woman's championship sneeze.

A humorous, rhymed story about a grouch named Shermit who doesn’t like anyone. He goes off to live alone on a mountain. Unfortunately, he forgets his scissors and a comb and his red hair gets so long and tangled he can’t see where he’s going.

He tried tying it back with a vine,
And old Shermit he really looked fine.
Then one day it broke and fell like a coat
And old Shermit thought he’d gone blind!

He tries chewing it off and pounding it off with rocks, but nothing works. One day he tumbles down the mountain and ends up trapped in a huge ball of his hair.

Snyder Spider feels forgotten by his friends on his birthday, runs away from home to many adventures, and returns to a surprise.

Hector sends for the Mail-Order Witch hoping she will give him some magical help in finding a Christmas present for his parents, but instead she shows him that the best presents are those made with love.

When Lilly sends for the Mail-Order Witch to perform magic on her messy room, her brother Willy has his doubts.


A clairvoyant minister experiences the brutal murder of a young woman and sets out to catch a killer. His own questionable past has led the killer to his front door and now threatens his own family.
Gwen Collins, 8 months pregnant, sets out to celebrate her husband’s birthday but finds that she and her unborn baby are the victims of an evil scheme so obscene and depraved it’s incomprehensible. Three vile women have made a deal with the Devil; consequently, every escape attempt is quickly thwarted. However, the baby will be born.
Elise can’t stop staring at her first foster child. Simon is only six, with wide lavender eyes and dark curls that make him disarmingly beautiful. But he doesn’t talk. When she asks him why, he says, “No one likes the things I say.” She assures him she’s different; she wants to know. When he finally talks she understands why he has bounced through several foster homes in two years. Simon speaks of unfathomable things—things he sees that others don’t… of another Simon who tells him things… of things to come, that then happen… and things that no one could possibly know, and yet, he does. Is he psychic or psychotic? Clairvoyant or schizophrenic? She doesn’t know, but she can’t resist him. He only wants one thing—to find the man who knows where his mother is. The hunt soon makes them the hunted.

Grace spends time in a mental hospital after her 5-year-old daughter is killed. Six months later, the real craziness begins. A creepy old man—a doll collector—moves in next door as a child goes missing. Grace and her sister, Judy, think the old man did it. Then Judy disappears. Grace believes the old man is guilty of both crimes, but that’s before she finds evidence that she is guilty! She hides the evidence but her husband finds it—and it’s different from what she hid! Is she being framed? Or is she hopelessly insane?

While alone in a mountain cabin with her sick baby, a terrifying phone call sends Ann running for her life. As she struggles to save herself and her baby from those intent on killing them, her husband and best friends are all in town drinking and facing horrors of their own.


Eleven-year-old Whitney and her nine-year-old brother, Matthew, follow a cat into an old, abandoned house where they find a tiny gold egg, and magical things happen. A Voice tells them they egg will hatch into a Snigglefuzzle, a little creature that lives on kind words, and fades and disappears around harsh, angry words. Unfortunately, they live in a small Midwestern town where everyone is out of work and grouchy. They hide the Snigglefuzzle from unhappy adults, and turn to their best friend Tug. He has an invention that will put the people back to work and make them happy again. The townspeople like the idea, but two men sneak into town and steal Tug’s computer and the plans for his invention. Now the only way to save the town and the Snigglefuzzle is to find Tug’s computer and capture the thieves—and do it all without using harsh, angry words that will make their Snigglefuzzle disappear. Can they do it? Is it possible?

Set in the early 1900s, a young orphan girl is inspired by a most unlikely character to fulfill her dream of being a dancer.


The Happiness Option is a step-by-step guide that reveals the connection between thought and emotion, and shows how to use this connection to overcome past pain and create happiness and success.

A series of letters to God that question fundamental Christian teachings—questions many have asked themselves but are afraid to ask aloud. It examines the conflicting concepts taught and accepted as truth, clearing the way for rational thought and discussion regarding the scriptures and spirituality.

Too often doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams crowd the mind of expectant mothers. With wit, wisdom, and humor, Angel Within gently leads new mothers to greater hopes and inspiration regarding the child they anxiously await.
Heaven is not a geographic location somewhere outside us. It is precisely where Jesus said: within us. Focusing on frequently overlooked scriptures, this book reveals there is no separation between God and humankind.

Tidbits of wisdom to heal your mind and comfort your soul. Affirmations that inspire and renew your spirit, reduce stress, and restore faith in yourself and others. The perfect book for those in need of comfort.


This powerful little volume provides a concise yet complete roadmap for both the literary novice as well as the seasoned writer. Packed with clear examples and practical writing assignments, it’s like having an English professor in your pocket. How to Write a Great Story authoritatively answers your questions regarding: • Characterization • Plotting • Dialogue • Action • Transitions • Manuscript preparation and much more!
This powerful little volume provides a concise yet complete roadmap for both the literary novice as well as the seasoned writer. Packed with clear examples and practical writing assignments, it’s like having an English professor in your pocket. How to Write a Great Story authoritatively answers your questions regarding: • Characterization • Plotting • Dialogue • Action • Transitions • Manuscript preparation and much more!

This writing manual contains only the essential information concerning writing marketable fiction stories. No padding. No fluff. Just easy-to-apply proven rules, tips, and techniques already mastered by professional authors. This manual also contains numerous examples and exercises to help develop writing skills.