V.K. (Katie) Sansone is the author of ten books, most of which were written for children. She and her husband live in Kentucky. They have two daughters and six grandchildren.

With a passion for storytelling and a very creative imagination, her children's books are for readers ages 7-10, or to be read to children ages 3-6. There's also one just for tweens, ages 11-12.

For the adults, she has two non-fiction works, one of which is a memoir filled with stories, poems, letters and a look into the author's personal life; the other, a very vivid recollection of a dream.

The adventures of Katie Bear and her friends will captivate your child and also teach them some valuable lessons in the process. Delightfully illustrated by Donna Wulf.

A collection of memories, stories, poems and letters; the pages of my life, though not in perfect order, just as they were written.

Tina and her classmates visit the city zoo, but Tina is surprised when she discovers she can hear the animals talk!

Heavenly Hannah's Little Black Hat is the story of an adorable little red hen named Hannah. She so desperately wants to be a human, but if she can't become a human, she will settle for the lovely little black hat with blue & white flowers on it, which belongs to the farmer's wife. She shows that perseverance wins out in the end.

Christmas is fast approaching and time is running out for Santa. With several of his helpers out sick, he calls upon the Carpenter and his wife to help get the gifts ready in time for all the children.

An enchanting Holiday tale about the lonely misfit toys that live on an island until one year, all of their dreams come true when each of them find a child of their own to love.

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A collection of short stories for tweens, ages 11-12.

Some dreams you want to last forever, but others you run screaming from. And then you wake up only to find you can still see the nightmare in your mind!

Come join the amazing and daunting quest of Quincy and Quigley. This is the story of two young, twin Penguins who leave the safety of their Penguin Colony to find a better hiding place while playing "hide 'n' seek" with their friends. Instead, what they do find are some wild, out of the ordinary adventures in search of their way back home. On their incredible and sometimes dangerous quest they encounter Polar bears, Arctic foxes and many other perilous happenings that help them to better understand that “there’s no place like home”

This is an enthralling story of a sweet Polar bear named Pandora that lives in the Antarctica, her wild and incredible journey from the ice ledges of the northern Arctic to southern Antarctica, and how it all happened to come about!