What's happening while she sleeps? Could she be sleep walking, or is there something sinister going on? She was told by a doctor, she has multiple personalities but there is another unexpected surprise for her about what's been happening to her. It will take a gifted Psychic to help her find out.

Connie: A hard working young woman who has recurring nightmares. Andre: Good looking wealthy Frenchman who helps her find out about those terrible nightmares and falls in love with her. Walter: An older man who has murdered in the past and wants to do it again. Will it be Connie?

A college student is ill with pneumonia, is taken to hospital with high fever and unconscious. He experiences his first out of body travel (Astral-Travel) Interested in it; he learns to leave his body by will. He travels the astral plain spying on his fellow classmates and his girl friend then uses what he sees to his advantage. He witnesses his math professor dealing in drugs while out of body and blackmails him for a higher grade from the failing one he was getting. He cheats in bets on a chess game after watching while out of body and wins a nice sum of money. Becoming corrupt, he continues to travel about even to his roommate’s girl friends room at night and has out of body sex with her. This new gift has corrupted him. He follows his girlfriend Sally while out of body and learns she is cheating on him with an older man. Anger, a need for revenge has him going crazy. Deceit, crime and murder become a big part of Jeffrey's life that takes him to a surprising end to his Astral-Travels.

When Katherine received a letter supposedly from her biological father who she never knew, to come to Italy, she never would have guessed the trip would have so many surprises. A whole host of unexpected news of her father, his life and more, including the a appearance of a handsome Italian who finds her very tempting and begins to try to romance her into a sexy relationship, which she tries to avoid, after thinking he is much too arrogant for her. Little did she know, she would need his help, which leads her to what she was trying to avoid, a love affair, one of which she never in her wildest dreams would have thought existed.

Lucy complains of disturbing dreams. She sees a doctor who hypnotizes her to find she had lived another life back in the late 1800s. Lucy and her friend Wanda set out to find traces of Henrietta, who she now believes she once was.

Coming home after a big mistake of marriage to an abusive man, Kristina finds real love with someone who still loves her.

Growing up with the gift of Psychometry wasn't easy for Kevin, but soon he knew he'd use it for good and the best way to do that was to join the police force. His gift would help solve crime. This would allow him to spot criminals with only a touch of his finger.

He meets and quickly falls in love with lovely Candace while at the local grocery store. He helps her with her groceries and asks if he can call her. A real love affair takes off immediately and they begin to date.

His new career as a policeman starts while he continues to romance Candace. One of his first encounters on the job has his gift telling him of a break-in suspect being a wanted murderer, who later comes after Kevin after he escapes from jail for revenge of blowing the whistle on him. When the situation involves the woman he's in love with, things get very intense.


Who would have known a simple weekend vacation to the resort in the Catskill Mountains would end up being smack dab in the middle of the revolutionary war? Carl and Beth never thought such a thing could happen until they stepped outside the side door of their little get-away cottage to find nothing but wilderness and nothing around but the wild life. They search for help only to find soldiers, and Indians. Can they ever get back to the present? Or will they be forced to live among the settlers for the rest of their lives?

Some try to protect those they love…even after death.

Upon moving into a restored turn-of-the-century house, Andrea and John discover they aren’t the only occupants. Not only is their new home haunted by the ghost of a woman, but a demon from another dimension who wants to seduce the new female owner.

After Andrea finds a photo of Anna—their resident ghost—she begins to relive Anna’s life through dreams and waking visions, falling prey to the handsome demon lover who, it seems, will do anything and everything to stop her from answering one burning question:

What happened to Anna?

Content warning: seductively handsome demons, hauntingly beautiful ghosts, and just the right amount of scares.

The Ouija board can often open channels to the wrong kinds of spirits and bring horror to those who ventured into playing the game. Kate Landen, a best-selling author, falls in love with Curt-the man of her dreams-marries him, and looks forward to a life of happiness. When a friend is murdered after using the Ouija board with Kate, an evil being follows her and her new husband home. As she writes her next thriller about a serial killer, the possessed one gets into her head through telepathy to learn what she is writing to use as a script for his life of crime. Curt's suspicious nighttime absences make Kate wonder where and what he is doing away from home. Her life becomes a real nightmare. Can Kate save herself from the horrors in her own creativity and find her own happy ending?

Psychometry is a psychic power that enables one to divine many facts by holding or touching objects. Visions of persons, places, and things, including ghosts, can often appear to those with the gift. It is much like reading palms, crystal balls, and tea leaves. Ghostly Antiques II brings back Clara Espy with a new adventure with an ancient Egyptian bowl. The bowl not only has a history of the days of mummification in Egypt, but it holds within it a mystery far beyond Clara's imagination. While her romance with Charley, the coffee shop owner, continues, she finds herself assisting the police with a murder case that is connected to that ancient bowl she now has in her possession. Her long time friend, Marie, helps her in the shop, and becomes very much involved with the Egyptian bowl. It all leads to a dramatic ending of thrilling expectations.

Out of print - limited availability

A plan to have a baby without marriage, or a sperm bank, Desirae wants the right man to father her child, only it becomes a real problem until she discovers her true love and ends her search for the right man.

Jennifer Robins took up writing about the paranormal after a long time in the business world. She attended Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio (TriC). Her interest in the unexplained we live with has taken her to some intense research of many intriguing subjects. These findings have inspired her to write the stories she puts into words for others to enjoy. She lives with her husband and a few wonderful pets, spends time with her grown family, loves to write, paint in oils and play the piano.

Visit Jennifer to learn more at www.jenniferrobins.com

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A simple weekend vacation at a place in the desert before the cold weather sets in has this couple lost at the end of the road that would take them there.

Spirits often attach themselves to items they liked when they were alive and refuse to let them go. Based on a true story.

She wanted one more fling before her departure from this world, and Carlson who comes to tune her piano, is just the right guy to give it to her.

Halloween can be a fun and wonderful time. Pumpkins carved with all kinds of faces, witches in black tall hats, and spiders climbing up a large web. Treats of candy and sweets of all kinds to hand out to the little ones at your door. Parties for the adults to show off their costumes of anything you can imagine. But, there can also be ghosts who tend to want to return on this special holiday to haunt and scare anyone gullible to entertain them. Ella fears this very thing when her stepfather promised to come back on Halloween on his dying bed. The thought stayed with her all year long but when October 31st was approaching, she became more frightened than ever.

Widowed Clara finds a need for independence when she buys an Antique shop for income, but to her surprise, she finds many secrets hidden in those old items she is about to sell. Her life changes drastically and she finds comfort and romance with a man who comes into her life.

Out of print - limited availability

Britney never expected to meet up with a ghost living in an old mirror left in the house she’d moved into. Not only did he upset her by being there, but he also became very interested in her which led him to help her from a dreaded disease. His good deed is rewarded by the very thing that kept him from moving on. Britney finds her life turned around through the help of a lost spirit, Captain Leopold Archer and she can go on to fulfill her fondest wishes.

Rachael didn’t know how her life would change just by looking into a department store window at the wonderful annual Christmas display. How was she to know that very day would be the beginning of a lifetime romance?

The Great Depression was a tragic time in our countries history, but that didn’t stop Stan from courting the pretty girl standing on the sidewalk outside the department store on a snowy day in December, 1939.

Losing a loved one can be devastating to the point of evading life, ignoring another's love, and waiting for something to help her go on.

Christmas Eve meant only one thing to Nadine, the death of her husband whom she was married to for only a few short weeks. For two years, the holiday has come and gone without her celebrating.

But someone comes along, who finds her so wonderful, so special that Nadine is forced to come to terms with her past. Could she love again? Would she find a sign, a message to let her go on?

If you venture into a cemetery late Halloween night, better watch out for bumps in the night and Herbert Grezley or anything else lurking in the shadows of the tombstones.

Faced with an ultimatum from his girlfriend, Mike takes a two week trip away from Amy who wants more than just a relationship. Afraid to make a commitment, he tries to avoid her until he encounters a strange entity while in his row boat on the waters outside his Settle home. The evil sounding one in the distance holds him hostage while he is forced to watch what happens with Amy and others in his life while he is not around. Will this odd time out, give him the courage to own up to a life with the one he loves, or will he continue to hide from a long term commitment?